Got everything on a white board, ready to present to investors? We’ll fix you up with a kick-ass investor deck.
Invest in start-ups with VC-like back-up. We offer on-demand analysis for your investment opportunities.
Corporates & VC-firms
So many plans, so little time. Out-sourced and non-biased analysis time at your disposal. At reasonable fees.

About The Goodz Company

The Goodz Company brings experts together from all continents, with currently over 20 nationalities collaborating in our projects. For each analysis we determine which expert is needed, ranging from M&A to MBA, from design to online marketing, from hardware tech to back-end and UX.

We gather all these international experts and provide you with investment advice, a pitch deck and/or a business plan of the highest quality. Enabling you to focus on your investment decisions and your core business, with your on-demand analyst team from The Goodz Company backing you up along the way.

The Goodz Company has its HQ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. From there we activate our international network. We have developed the 7-Red Flags business analysis method to help standardise our output and to maintain our quality of work.

Pricing Plans

We offer an on-demand subscription plan for investors, small VC firms and corporates. All our plans include a personal introduction call to establish your needs and expectations.

If you’re a start-up, we always try to provide a service that suits your budget and (potential) market opportunity. Our offering can be combination between cash, in-kind and equity remuneration.


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  • Start-up and growth companies
  • For angel, seed and series A funding
  • 3 pitch-deck design reviews
  • Full market and technology analysis
  • Result: pitch deck + 1-pager
  • Flexible fees (cash/equity/funding-bonus)

Corporate & VC-firm

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  • Decision makers & VC firms
  • From 5 investment decisions per year
  • Analysis for >100K investment tickets
  • Set fee per business plan analysis
  • Result: analysis documents & on-site feedback
  • Fixed fee-per-hour on all consultants